We've been in the microwave and telecommunications business for more than 30 years. Our history starts with our parent company TVC. 

1979: TVC begins its activity as producer of high precision machined parts.

1989: TVC begins assembly and tuning activity of RF & MW components.

1993: TVC obtains ISO 9001 Certification.

2003: TVC set up Microwavefilters with a specific focus on the design of RF & MW components.

2003: TVC / MWF becomes MWF/TVC Group, RF & MW components manufacturer.

2008: MWF/TVC Group becomes TVC Group (2.000.000 € capital).

2009: MWF obtains ISO 14001 Certification.

2012: in June MWF/TVC Group moves to a bigger location in Cernusco S/N (Milan) - see photo.

2013: Microwavefilters merges by incorporation with the company TVC. The corporate name is changed into "Microwavefilters & TVC S.r.l" (or MW&TVC for short; this latest name is also deposited).

2014 : MW&TVC celebrates its 35th anniversary (it was founded on April, 1st 1979).

2015 : Big investment in Instrumention for testing of mmWave filters production. PNAs up to 96GHz

2016 : MW&TVC obtains the OHSAS 18001 certification.

2018 : Big investment in spectrum analyzers for testing of passive intermodulation.

2019 : MW&TVC celebrates its 40th anniversary (it was founded on April, 1st 1979).


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